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Aye, I…

I am light-hearted
I am perverse
I have desires
I am a curse
I am my mirror
I am my hearse
I am the author
Of my own verse.

There isn’t a story
That I do not know
Of laughing and falling
Of versions with snow
Of failing a math class
Oh! Lo and behold!
Of sticking it out
No “God rest my soul!”

I’m younger than many
Or older than you
My counting is bad
I already told you
But counting my blessings
I came up quite true
My blessings are many
But fingers too few.

And yet a stranger
I am to me
And I am the woman
That you cannot see
No glories await me
No purpose to be
My flaws are heavier
Than you know or believe.

©Ruth P. 2019

No part of this work is to be reproduced or copied.

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Frozen Moment #20

Perfection lies in the heart of the achiever
Faith in the heart of the believer
But love lies in the heart of the receiver.

©Ruth P. 2019

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Under Love’s Fairy Tale


Let me hide

Let me bind

Let me seal

With my words


That I think

And I feel

And I want

So that

You can be free

You can see

And be seen

While I

Slide away

Hide away

Turn invisible and gray

In the space

Between words

Between thoughts

Between hurts

That are real in my mind

Stifled but not kind

Bringing doubt and some fear

Causing pain and less cheer


So I live

In the here

And the now

I don’t see

Any further

Than how

To wear a smile

All the while

I’m with you

Happy and true

For I know

You love me


©Ruth P. 2018

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Silent Keening

At the turn of the hour,

I lose my will to breathe,

Suffocated by the very thought,

Of the possibility of your loss.

The clock is loud

The fan rumbles,

Distant, like so much static,

Nothing seems real.

The salt has run its course for now,

A dull thrum above my brow,

Reminds me I am yet alive,

Waiting… for something.

There is a vice around my heart,

Choking, pinching, hurting,

All it does is to reiterate,

That I do not know where you are.

All my nerves and synapses have come to agree,

Pain is real, physical, and it can be seen,

All that needs to happen is for you be taken away,

And then let the world watch me suffocate.


©Ruth P. 2018

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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In Fond Memory…

In dedication to the fond memory of a professor who, in the short time that I knew him, gave me the most honest encouragement I have ever received.

May his soul rest in peace in the lands of the blest. Amen.

I didn’t know him long;

This man of stature,

Of stalwart nature.

My knowledge, yet new,

Is now forever halted,

Even while his memory is exalted,

By those, who best knew him.

Through neither whim nor deliberation,

His mind and manners of higher station,

Enveloped all, who knew him.

Of manner mild, but firm intention,

He gave freely of his treasured lore,

To all, who closely knew him.

In the wake of his passing,

In the midst of our grief,

The good man himself our spirits upkeeps,

Rejoining our memories, bright tinged with gold,

Though many are but a few hours old.

Remember! Remember! search though we can,

No truer account than the life of the man,

Whose impressions are such as cannot be forgot,

Through annals of memories now still more are sought;

So together we gather in memory and strength,

The wisdom of this man to represent,

Though sharp is the shock of his loss from our lives,

It is through us, whom he taught, that he still, yet, survives.

©Ruth P. 2018

No part of this work may be reproduced.