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Behind the Lines, I See

Every time I turn around

A hesitant thought in my heart

Trembling words on my lips

I see this empty space and falter;

Reminder forever of a crushing loss.


The mind knows you are gone

But I remain unbelieving

So long as the heart carries within

Even the slightest smidgen of longing;

Undecipherable wordless cries that remain silenced.


There are days when I am better

Not hearing myself echo from deep inside

Chanting your name over and over

From within the void you ripped in me;

De-Void of existence since you left.


Of my few constants, one is gone

I am one pillar short of support

Three I have left to me

And faith alone keeps them standing;

Your gift of faith provides their substance.


Do not mistake my ramblings for weakness

I am stronger than I seem

Master of my feelings

For I know why you left me;

This division was not of your choice.


Would opportunity permit

Much there is that I would say

To you, as I always have

But I know it is not needed;

Our confidant is One Higher and ever watchful.


I take comfort from

Your strength of purpose

I take courage from

Your firm decisiveness;

You have gifted me with your apparent cruelty.


In return I give you

All my love

Should you but accept it

As I give it, in fond hope;

And forget not a once-friend who wishes you Peace.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Petals and ferns

These words speak the unheard echoes rebounding off the walls of my heart. Manan’s words have once again captured the essence of everything I do not have the words to say. My benevolent Mistress of Words, I thank you from the depths of my silent, unheard heart. 🙏

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Dark ringed sorrow

Broken circles

Purpled hues

Of creeping hollow.

‘Neath sunken bridges

Bursting bubbles

Fluid air

A slim tomorrow.


Painting pictures in a verse

Writing stories on the air

Falling sideways through a mirror

Walking on a Penrose stair.

Hope is dead, hope is spent

Keep looking forward at arms length

Holding on to shattered pieces

Of mind and body, heart and health.


What’er may follow

Murky waters

Uncharted waves


Old quilt patchworked

Custom stitches

Unscripted seams

A freeform tableau.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing has ever lasted forever

Not even friendships steeped

In time and long trust

Until time itself becomes the enemy

Crumbling castles, rusting doors

Running age old strength into the ground

With barely a glance at it’s own actions.

And now, just shy of another decade

Time turned its gaze to another

A hapless victim, struggling against fate

Its inexorable inevitability

Glaring with one baleful Cyclopsian eye

At a cherished partner of long years

Bruising value, unraveling faith

Leaving behind a once green, hopeful vale

Now burnt with the fires of despair.

Therein lay my hope and my strength

And my reason for laughter

Now it is all gone, taking everything with it

Smeared into the ash and muddied with blood

Leaving this haplesss creature

Consumed by a void as barren as a desert

That yearns for water, even as a mirage.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Descending, Into Balance

I feel myself descending

Into the abyss of my mind

It’s cold and dark depths


I had felt their cold fingers

Not too long ago, but

Hadn’t wanted to accept, to


The hourglass is empty

It’s sands run dry

Suffocating me as I strive to


I cannot see the meaning

Of this game of chess

The turns had long past


Yet I continue to exert

All effort, to resist the draw

Of a loss that has, my mind,


And I will hold fast

To memory and to faith

Moving through life to again find



© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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I Appeal, but Falter Not

Healing inside

Apathy beside

Why do you not trust me?

I am no different now

From when we last met

Why must you so hurt me?

Can you not see?

I’m becoming me

Returning to myself again?

Must I remain

Bound to the wordly

To the material and the vain?

But I understand

Fear and distrust

Can blind you to clarity.

Yet why must I prove

To be above reproof

My mind and my sanity?

Choice – illusion

Trust – fake

If belief must be woven to make.

But I relent not

On my path

Not even for your sake.

If I scare you

Learn me anew

Gain perspective from sight.

Assuredly, friends

I won’t fight

For might is not always right.

Silence, my ally

Isolation, my comfort

Only one thing I must assert.

In Him I stand

Confident and true;

My choice does not depend on you.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.