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Mirror mirror of my soul

Mirror Mirror, on the wall…
Adding a little more to that fairy tale… 🙂

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Lying in wait…

In dedication to the one I love ❤

Hold me longer, call me baby,

Clear my mind, it’s all so hazy,

Or maybe it’s just the silver in my eyes,

That’s making everything look so crazy.

I cannot help that my heart misses you,

Nor that my mind won’t let you go,

You are the light of my eyes,

You brush away the darkness in my soul.

There is no fear I fear but the fear of parting,

No loss that so keenly pierces my heart,

The greater the distance the stronger my fear,

More vulnerable now than I was at the start.

I am assured my fears are unfounded,

That this is but the first flush of love that speaks​,

But for the tumult the twists through my very being,

I would be calm, as reason entreats.

With a touch of your hand, come back to me,

And perhaps the salt that tracks across this dusty plain,

Might not leave behind a bitter taste,

But make sight a sweet joy once again.

©Ruth.P 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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I See You…

In dedication to the one I love ❤

They say ‘She walks in beauty’,

Truer words were never spoken,

For I cannot take my eyes off of her.

Strong and proud she steps,

Shoulders sure, steady gait,

I watch her as I wait.

Her simple soul loves the rain,

Her wondering eyes cast a benediction,

Raised skyward, speaking in a subtle diction.

I can see her move towards me,

Brown eyes alight with mischief and love,

And the welcome in her smile that I can never get enough of.

Gentle and warm, strong and kind,

She holds my heart captive in mid-flight,

A willing moth drawn to her unwavering light.

©Ruth.P 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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As The Bus Leaves…

In dedication to the one I love ❤

Wet roads shine

Leaving no imprint behind

Of the wheels that turn

Overlaying the footprints of my heart

As it leaves these shores

Swept away on a tide of circumstance

A case of mere happenstance

But one that rends in two a living pulse

One to stay and one to go

Both to live a half life

Until they meet again.

©Ruth.P 2017

No part of this work may be used.

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The voices in my head

Feed on the music in my ears

Untill all that remains is the sound of my own voice

Streaming from an empty throat

Screaming raw in the silence

Unable to fill the well that remains

Void of all the good it should hold

The air heavy with all the un-good that floats

Careless and carefree from ear to ear

Turning once happy music to a dirge.

We come full circle

The voices are silent

And only sound remains.