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In Fond Memory…

In dedication to the fond memory of a professor who, in the short time that I knew him, gave me the most honest encouragement I have ever received.

May his soul rest in peace in the lands of the blest. Amen.

I didn’t know him long;

This man of stature,

Of stalwart nature.

My knowledge, yet new,

Is now forever halted,

Even while his memory is exalted,

By those, who best knew him.

Through neither whim nor deliberation,

His mind and manners of higher station,

Enveloped all, who knew him.

Of manner mild, but firm intention,

He gave freely of his treasured lore,

To all, who closely knew him.

In the wake of his passing,

In the midst of our grief,

The good man himself our spirits upkeeps,

Rejoining our memories, bright tinged with gold,

Though many are but a few hours old.

Remember! Remember! search though we can,

No truer account than the life of the man,

Whose impressions are such as cannot be forgot,

Through annals of memories now still more are sought;

So together we gather in memory and strength,

The wisdom of this man to represent,

Though sharp is the shock of his loss from our lives,

It is through us, whom he taught, that he still, yet, survives.

©Ruth P. 2018

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Waking with the Sun

I look around and I can see

Stars and shapes and trees and hues

I fell in love and you chased away

All my Monday morning blues.

Waking up to a hot pale sun

No longer feels like a weary chore

Instead, the second that awareness comes

I smile at the thought of the treasure I hoard.

Your soft skin dapples under the shifting light

Enchanting me as it gives you mystique

And I long to see your soft lids rise

To reveal those sleepy brown orbs beneath.

A smile deepens the welcome

That always hovers in your laughter

You reach for my hands and hold me close

With the promise of ever-after.

I have kissed your gentle lips

Our fights have stretched our loving ties

But not a day that comes has passed

Without the sun lighting our love in our eyes.

©Ruth P. 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Lying in wait…

In dedication to the one I love ❤

Hold me longer, call me baby,

Clear my mind, it’s all so hazy,

Or maybe it’s just the silver in my eyes,

That’s making everything look so crazy.

I cannot help that my heart misses you,

Nor that my mind won’t let you go,

You are the light of my eyes,

You brush away the darkness in my soul.

There is no fear I fear but the fear of parting,

No loss that so keenly pierces my heart,

The greater the distance the stronger my fear,

More vulnerable now than I was at the start.

I am assured my fears are unfounded,

That this is but the first flush of love that speaks​,

But for the tumult the twists through my very being,

I would be calm, as reason entreats.

With a touch of your hand, come back to me,

And perhaps the salt that tracks across this dusty plain,

Might not leave behind a bitter taste,

But make sight a sweet joy once again.

©Ruth.P 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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I See You…

In dedication to the one I love ❤

They say ‘She walks in beauty’,

Truer words were never spoken,

For I cannot take my eyes off of her.

Strong and proud she steps,

Shoulders sure, steady gait,

I watch her as I wait.

Her simple soul loves the rain,

Her wondering eyes cast a benediction,

Raised skyward, speaking in a subtle diction.

I can see her move towards me,

Brown eyes alight with mischief and love,

And the welcome in her smile that I can never get enough of.

Gentle and warm, strong and kind,

She holds my heart captive in mid-flight,

A willing moth drawn to her unwavering light.

©Ruth.P 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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As The Bus Leaves…

In dedication to the one I love ❤

Wet roads shine

Leaving no imprint behind

Of the wheels that turn

Overlaying the footprints of my heart

As it leaves these shores

Swept away on a tide of circumstance

A case of mere happenstance

But one that rends in two a living pulse

One to stay and one to go

Both to live a half life

Until they meet again.

©Ruth.P 2017

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Glance, But Once More…

Turn back!
Oh you who walked away
See what you left behind
No sorrow or tears will you find
Neither restless roving nor anger
No wistful longing for things past
No yearning after you, at last
There is none of those things here
No space was allowed them to grow
They were ripped up as seedlings
And burned long ago
You who walked away, now see
Look back and you will find
A calmness, steady as a mountain’s roots
A purpose growing like a creeper’s vine
A watchful wait for your return
A hopeful trust continually mined.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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True Lies and Hidden Meanings

Everyday I look to see
If maybe you have added me
Again, on this chatting forum
Whether or not our talks will go around


What I’d mainly like is for you to see
How I now feel about you leaving me
After months of laughter, shared voices and views
I want you to see how you left me confused


It’s not about confusion though
Lying took centre stage
Coz I’m not sure which part it is
That you’ve really played


Did you truly not want to leave?
Or was that a sham?
Thought I’d check again
You played me, you have


Three months you say you took
The Big Red Button to push
You said this day was coming
Whichever way you looked


I’ll accept that you left me
For my own good
I still count you as my friend
So believe you, I should


But what really hurts me is
The months of fun and laughter
You never even caught yourself
Before brushing on like none of it mattered


I don’t know why I’m writing this
There’s no point to it now
All I really want to know is
The truth of why you chose now to move on.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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You take away my smile
The days and nights are colder
Knowing you are gone
Leaving me without a shoulder

To lean on when I’m weary
To depend on to catch me
‘Cause though I’m stronger than I let on
I’ll always want you beside me.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.

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Behind the Lines, I See

Every time I turn around

A hesitant thought in my heart

Trembling words on my lips

I see this empty space and falter;

Reminder forever of a crushing loss.


The mind knows you are gone

But I remain unbelieving

So long as the heart carries within

Even the slightest smidgen of longing;

Undecipherable wordless cries that remain silenced.


There are days when I am better

Not hearing myself echo from deep inside

Chanting your name over and over

From within the void you ripped in me;

De-Void of existence since you left.


Of my few constants, one is gone

I am one pillar short of support

Three I have left to me

And faith alone keeps them standing;

Your gift of faith provides their substance.


Do not mistake my ramblings for weakness

I am stronger than I seem

Master of my feelings

For I know why you left me;

This division was not of your choice.


Would opportunity permit

Much there is that I would say

To you, as I always have

But I know it is not needed;

Our confidant is One Higher and ever watchful.


I take comfort from

Your strength of purpose

I take courage from

Your firm decisiveness;

You have gifted me with your apparent cruelty.


In return I give you

All my love

Should you but accept it

As I give it, in fond hope;

And forget not a once-friend who wishes you Peace.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.