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Mirror mirror of my soul

Mirror Mirror, on the wall…
Adding a little more to that fairy tale… 🙂

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The voices in my head

Feed on the music in my ears

Untill all that remains is the sound of my own voice

Streaming from an empty throat

Screaming raw in the silence

Unable to fill the well that remains

Void of all the good it should hold

The air heavy with all the un-good that floats

Careless and carefree from ear to ear

Turning once happy music to a dirge.

We come full circle

The voices are silent

And only sound remains.

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‘Answer’, a swear in plain sight — Sentence first

Some familiar words have etymologies right in front of us yet apt to stay hidden. Breakfast breaks a fast: the vowels disguise it effectively. Remorse is ‘biting back’, your conscience gnawing at you. Semicolon is a folk etymology of samey colon, on account of its resemblance to the other mark. OK, I made that one […]

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Your Call

Read, Think, Discover. Some questions need answering for the good of mankind, and this is one such. Presented from the inimitable pen of a poet who asks the tough questions, my friend, Amit Rahman.


Is there a purpose to our life and if there is,
how is it different from that of a cockroach,
a salamander or the plague dispersing mice?
I think the time has come for you to determine!

Am I sleeping or must you wake up from your dreams?
It is your call but do let me know what you think!
You have the key, whichever way your call might come,
to change it all, only if you do not succumb
to the vested whims of the alleged majority!

If it is I who has his eyes closed, wake me up,
if they be yours, wake up and let them see the light!
Either way, please no more be silent or inert,
for that is the gravest sin against humankind –
to shrug it off, unless yourself is on the firing line!


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