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Silent Symphonies

There is something contemplative about rain-clouds

Dark and solemn they rest on an invisible hierarchy

Though visible by day, at night they merge

Into the everlasting vastness of a deeper universe.


With flash and rumble they stand

Nature’s band, a cellist’s thrumming melody

Yet, more beautiful are the silent symphonies

The wild and vibrant heart of an elemental orchestra.


It howls, it whips, it builds, it strikes

The playful wind that heralds it’s path

Neither wisp of cloud nor tumbling bush

Remain where they were at journey’s start.


For all its loud, wide bluster though

The first raindrop but gently falls

It’s silence a contrast against the sound and show

Though it’s siblings follow with clamoring calls.


‘Tween cloud and earth these raindrops fall

Each seeded from the vast gray above

Those silent Masters of the Skies

Give generously where’er manan would.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

6 thoughts on “Silent Symphonies

    1. I am quite well, thank you for asking. I hope all is well with you as well.

      Thank you for your commendation. I wrote this while standing in my balcony, being almost literally whipped by the winds, and it was wonderful being in touch with nature. This season has long been a favorite for me as well, but I am rarely able to find my way to articulating any inspiration it grants me. I am glad this effort has been appreciated.

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      1. That’s is good to know. Yes I am in Jaipur. And you’re in Bombay (?), yes? Got good weather there. Ah, shucks, I just like to write. I’m happy people read my work and like it. I do think every single person who reads my work is a better artist than me. 🙂

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