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Bubbles in the Deep

Help! Help me scream!
Help me take apart the night!
Help me let these voices out,
Before they rip me up inside.


They’re in my throat
They’re in my head
I’d really like to get them out because
They’re every thought I’ve left unsaid.


I stamp my foot, I gnash my teeth
Like some maddened savage beast
Sadly it’s all still in my head
Tied down, like I am to my bed.


I am calm and jittery, turn by turn
The end is near, how do I learn!
To take up arms and drive them out
In some way that won’t leave me burnt.


The moment passes, I’m bereft
The loss is real, the journey swift
I do not pause to look back and see
Where the madness disembarked and left.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

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