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Frozen Moment #10

You were the water of my soul

Until you went away

Carving your own path

And urging me to do the same.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

2 thoughts on “Frozen Moment #10

  1. Water of your soul..that is just so beautiful… makes me imagine the Soul to be like a body of water that flows or stagnates depending on the benevolence (or lack of it) of the tributary. Splintered souls I suppose! And now I’m reminded of your Horcrux. Ruth you make me sad in a good way. Makes sense?

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    1. That is an interpretation I never thought of! Thanks for that insight! Yes, I know what you mean, being sad in a good way. Its a quiet kind of contentment that is born of a fond reflection, memory or contemplation. Glad I could give that to you. *quiet smile*

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