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Frozen Moment #6

Hope’s cruel spurs

Long painted red

Rest not;

Silenced are the cries of tender flesh.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

6 thoughts on “Frozen Moment #6

  1. In this poem, I see a tale of survival, death, battle and wounds. An urge to resist giving in to the agony of accepting the pain of reality and loss. It took me straight to the universe of an epic fantasy tale when the hero, or one of the heroes gets wounded and still makes it out as many of his friends died by his side. I see pain in your lines and tragedy, yet hope somehow.

    Your lines are a delight to read and interpret, a cradle for your reader’s imagination to thrive in.

    I am in awe with this micro-poem/tale.

    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Wow! I will honestly say that you’ve seen more there than I put in. I do however, know that I left the lines open to as many interpretations as imaginations can curry, and yours’ is as epic as the universe you feel it identifies with.

      I’m glad you’re having fun with interpreting these lines. I do invite you to do the same with any others I’ve written along the way. Would love to read your analyses of them!

      Glad I shared it, to have received such a wonderful interpretation! I think that the stories readers see in my work are always so much more fun than the words I write to begin with. And you’ve just proved me right. Yay!


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