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My Cat (the essential girl’s poem)

I had a cat

She wasn’t fat

But neither was she lean

Just a little plum was she

And fastidiously clean.


She loved cracking

Her chicken bones

But never did she share;

I’m not talking about me, my friends

She had her sisters there!


In the outskirts where we lived

We had large, stretching, green lawns

She’d play amidst the butterflies there

But like a curved black bullet

Came streaking when I called.


I almost called her Snugglepuss

When she took my bed as hers’

But then she migrated to the rug below

And when for shining green I looked

I could hear her purrs.


I almost lost her to a Tom

When she heard the mating calls

But Mr. Stripes, became a regular

At her food dish; his being

The more demanding yowls!


The day came when I had to leave

My darling mother of four

She looked at her little balls of fluff

Talked with me for a long hour

Then walked me to the door.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

23 thoughts on “My Cat (the essential girl’s poem)

  1. I wish I was as good a reviewer as you. The essential girl’s poem… that’s a really great title to begin with. But i think there is much more to this poem that what meets the eye. Particularly, the final stanza. It is indeed about you or the narrator whatever the case may be. I cannot be sure but lots of little clues here… this much is for sure, this reminded me of a classic novel in Japanese literature, called “wagahai wa neko de aru” which is about the world as seen through the eyes of a housecat. Ruth, please do write more often

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    1. Thank you for writing in. You don’t have to be a good reviewer. Just speak from your heart as you usually do. That in itself means a lot to me. 🙂 I gave it that title because every little girl who’s ever had a cat usually tries to write a cat poem. So this is mine, just, hopefully, more mature.

      Do unravel the clues you’ve found, my friend; I would like to know what you see. I will try to look up the Japanese literature you’ve introduced to me, though it somehow sounds familiar.

      As to writing… I’ll try. But neither my mind nor my pen can conjure perfection with the ease that you seem to have mastered. In that I do envy you, just a tiny little bit. 🙂

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  2. …I have found this poem so so charming and so delightful. Funnily enough I have had the seeds of a cat poem germinating in my head as I have x 2 cats who are such funny and unique characters. I think I will have to ruminate on it a wee bit more. I can hear the chicken bones being cracked and I love the sound of Mr Stripes! An adorable cat poem with lots of lovely wee gems. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. So glad you like it! 🙂 Cats are truly adorable beings, and mine was a childhood companion. I have been trying for years to write about her, but I guess some things just happen when they happen. Mr. Stripes was this big tomcat, orangish-brown with light brown stripes; I really couldn’t name him anything else! Boy did that boy like his fish! 😀 Now I’m looking forward to your cat poem!! I’m sure it will be an absolute delight! 🙂

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      1. …now there’s a challenge for me…no getting out of it! I am dreadful at challenges, I sort of pile them up on the back burner…I also have a Lune and an Etheree to compose from WAY back….!! One of these days…I adore my 2 also…a ginger Tom called Hermes and a gentle sweet Tortoiseshell called Athena. Mr. Stripes sounds a wonderful character and I so love the name…Ah…I will see what I can do in between the gardening and seed sewing! 🙂

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      2. I just have to say that I love that you’ve named your fluffy friends Hermes and Athena!! ❤ do they behave like their counterparts too? 🙂 You sure have a lot of work piled up. But why not enjoy gardening while the weather cooperates and write poetry when it doesn't? That would fit everything in well enough, and you wouldn't have to choose. 🙂

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      3. …My daughter who studied Classics at Durham University named them…and yes I think that they do mimic their counterparts to a point! Good plan…and that is what I plan to do…poetry and paint when wet and garden when dry, although with 4 adults in the house there is a fair bit of housework to always keep on top of and I play church organ most Sundays so throw in a little practice there too…ha ha never bored my friend! That will never ever happen in my life! 🙂

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      4. And you never should be bored. You’re too active a person to sit still for too long without anything to do. 🙂 your daughter has excellent taste in names then! And they must have been absolutely adorable as kittens! How did you learn to play the church organ? Is it one of the old ones with the numerous pedals?

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      5. They were very cute and each one so different. I started playing the piano at 7 working my way up through Classical piano exams and music theory. After my 4th daughter was born the local church was desperate for an organist so I helped out and ended up staying there for 14 years. I have now been playing organ for 22 years and when I moved changed churches to also play a pipe organ with yes the old fashioned stops and wooden foot pedals. It has been a challenge and I have learnt and adapted over the years with a few lessons thrown in. I also fill in for churches where needed, play funerals etc. weddings at hotels, outside venues on my full size portable Yamaha keyboard. So yes, no chance of boredom. Thank you for your interest my friend and for asking. Hope you have a good day today! 🙂

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      6. Such a wide list of accomplishments, Krys! And such dedication to your art! If only it were possible to hear you play… I do love listening to music. 🙂 Do you also make your own compositions? Near where I lived as a child was an old church which housed an old wood organ polished and gleaming, with all the bells and pipes and whistles and pedals. It was always fascinating to watch the organist using hands and feet to produce the most chime-like music from those old bones. An absolute delight! So when you mentioned that you play a church organ too, I really couldn’t help but ask. 🙂 You certainly live a full life, what with family, music, gardening, and poetry. And Hermes and Athena! May the good Lord bless you and everything you do with His Grace. Wishing you a beautiful day too! 🙂

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      7. Thank you so my friend for your lovely reply…yes indeed sometimes too much going on and I can at times feel quite overwhelmed and it is at such times that I have to step back for a wee while and embrace some stillness before immersing myself in the world again! Right now there is no time for composition…who knows maybe in the future? Yes you have to be pretty ambi- limbed to play the organ! One of these days I will write something about my music and post a recording of me playing…to be arranged one of these days! Blessings to you also my dear and have a lovely week end! 🌱🌿🌷

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      8. I’m sure your music will be as well received as your words. We, your friends, would certainly love to hear it, whenever you share. Haha! Ambi-limbed is a good description! But with 22 years of experience under your belt, you are a seasoned musician! 🙂 It is true that we all do need to step back and away from the world every once in a while, catch our breaths, before easing back in. Silence is truly golden. Thank you for your blessings, Krys. I most deeply appreciate them and send them back to you with grace. May you have a sunny weekend! 🙂

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      9. Thank you for these lovely words! The cosmos has conspired against me to catch up and I have something to post on my Blog… but the physical realm as impeded it! Maybe tomorrow… No time to read new posts, write to my WP friends or post new work…. Ever get these days? Aaaaah!!! 24 hrs in a day too short…. Take good care 💟

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    1. Thank you! Just had to write about my cat sometime and I figured now was the right time. It is a bit like a fairytale, now that you mention it. But then she was a witch’s familiar. Such lovely green eyes. So glad you like it! 🙂


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