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Perfect, As We Are

A more perfect acceptance of oneself may rarely be found mixed with a simplicity of desire. Beautiful!!

Antony Ros

I want, to write a song
That would blow the clouds away
Let the sun warm the ground were we would lay
To watch the stars appear
Behind a full moons stare

I want, to paint a canvass
Covered in blue on blue
Where the sea meets the sky
Birds playfully dip and dive
And nothing else matters but you and I

I want, to sing with a voice
That would echo feelings of joy
To innocently say, boy oh boy
Gosh, golly gee, isn’t that pretty
Without being labeled a sissy

I want, to build a home with my hands
A place to call my own
Where the door swings open
And guests are always welcome
As simple as sharing a coffee

I want, to live happy with my heart
Writing bits of poetry
Burning the herb slowly
Dreaming of touching
Another persons heart, lovingly

I want, to die…

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An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

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