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Treasures in the Dust

My drawers are a reluctant mess

So much I do admit,

Filled as they are with numerous objects,

Old pens and magic tricks.


In the corner is a music case,

Pocket-heavy and tightly packed,

Lightly my fingers brush it

Slowly they draw back.


Here is a piece of rock, smoothed

By ancient waters, now gone dry,

Bequeathed to me, in a friendship’s memory

That has since passed me by.


There is that notebook! Once dear, now forlorn,

Faded, yellowed, stained it’s jacket,

Guarding once crisp pages, white as snow,

Notes a bit more faded, than when I first had it.


At the bottom, among the papers

Is the joke book my best friend gifted me,

When I’d hurt my knee and could not walk;

The ghosts of those careful hands, I feel but cannot see.


Beside it, the song that I once wrote

To catch from him a second glance;

He has since perambulated to his abode,

I, on my path, continue to advance.


Here is a piece of waxing paper,

My favorite bob and pin,

That toy car with the flaming art,

A stack of coins in a tin.


I’ve found my last new coloring pencil,

A picture of my cat,

I thought I’d lost that string of beads,

‘Midst some old newspaper stack!


How can I let these treasures go?

These pieces of my heart?

They are all the keepers of their memories

From dust to dust they will remain; For I cannot bear to part.


© Ruth P. – 2016

No part of this work may be reproduced.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

21 thoughts on “Treasures in the Dust

    1. Thank you. But I didn’t really have to look too far for the inspiration of this one. My drawers really are almost exactly in this state. A confused jumble of odds and ends that would be just worthless junk to everyone but me.

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      1. you are too kind! a few months ago I proposed a theory which in brief says that a poet’s subconscious leaves breadcrumbs to wider realities when the conscious part is composing a poem. these perspectives often remain hidden from the poet. but if a poet looks back at one of their poems written say 5-6 years ago, sometime these trails can be found and explored! of course to an observer, free from the subjectivity of the composer’s present state may at times have glimpses of those realities in the poem. What do you think?


      2. I think you are a philosopher in the disguise of a poet. Which is great because poets are excellent philosophers by default. 😀
        But I think you do have something valuable in that idea. The subconscious is an unmapped area of the mind and its effect on the thought processes cannot be accurately followed at all times. Would you send me the link to this post wherein you proposed this theory?

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      3. ok, found it … unfortunately it has not yet been digitally composed and therefore not posted. but you have my words, will finish composing and post it within 24 hours from now. it is part of an article on different layers of meaning in a literary work. meanwhile I have already posted one from the readers’ perspective. would be honored if you could take a look @

        you being a talented article writer as well, I would be honored to have your opinions.

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