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Living the Illusion

They say our choices make us who we are. That our individuality is a precious thing that we should never lose or give up. That we should appreciate ourselves and the persons we have become through the choices we have made.

But who’s choices are we really living?

They say we are free to choose, free to decide for ourselves, free to make, to believe, to practice, to create, to end … to Be.

They have a lot to say. About who we are and what we choose, what we make and practice and decide and create and end and believe. About who we chose to be. They have a lot to say about us.

Does no-one find it ironic, that in that entire list of freedoms given to us, not once is it not connected to a situation or circumstance? One is free to do a lot, but is one really free?

From the earliest times, in every age and civilization, everything has had it’s price. And the price for freedom, is conformity.

There is a solidarity in conformity; a meeting of minds, a sharing of ideas, the safety of a shared identity, a hive mind, a dissolution of individuality. A clone army.

And isn’t that a comforting thought!

In an effort to maintain the new solidarity, we make a new choice – to give up our individuality in favor of the group identity. We are afraid of being left alone, of being left out, of being the odd person out, of being labelled ‘other’ and ‘different’, and to be utterly without the support we have slowly grown to depend on as a very extension of ourselves.

But was this choice really made by us? Or was it made for us?

Have we ever stopped to think whether we are still the same persons we used to be before we became a part of this new hive mind? We are now on the inside looking out, subtly calling in other seekers of freedom, promising them the support of a group dedicated to freedom, sucking away and chipping away at the newcomers’ individuality in the way that we once gave up our own.

And the cycle continues.

Yet, there are some of us, who choose differently, who remain firm in being the ones on the outside of the hive, looking in, exercising our freedoms, even if they have been given to us by the same hive that wants to drain them away.

Choices really do make us who we are.

The Society. Or the Individuals.

The Factions. Or the Divergents.

Don’t just trust the test. Trust yourself. You’re the only one who knows who you truly are.



An avid reader, thinker, daydreamer and listener. I like black cats and warm rain and fast cars. And oh yes, I quite like to write too!!

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